Termite Control

Pest Care & Control, PCC provides the most innovative termite control products and methods available in our industry. For instance, some of the chemicals currently being utilized by our firm for termite control include PREMISE, manufactured by Bayer. Treatment around the Premise to eradicate termites attempting to gain entry into the Premise through a treated soil area.

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We handle building pre-construction and post construction anti-termite control services efficiently.
Termite control We provide termite treatment -

  • With Industry-leading technology
  • With vast termite control experience
  • With extensive training in all areas of termite control
  • With handful experience
Post-Construction :
Home / Offices : Annual contract with initial treatment and regular check-up; repeat treatment if necessary. In case entire building is treated, a 2 years Service Warranty* is provided. In case of farmhouses and independent buildings are treated, a 5 year service warranty*

Pre-Construction :
5years Service Warranty* from the date of commencement of treatment.

Costs : Upon request (based on inspection of area, Its free)

We will help to solve your termite problem, please directly talk to our termite management expert at +91-9711563696 (Delhi NCR) or write a mail to us at ets.mahi@gmail.com we will be at your service immediately.




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